Heating & Furnace InstallationHeating your home is a necessity, requiring a significant operating investment!  It’s a choice you’re going to live with for a very long time.  You want to get the absolute most out of your heating dollar through equipment that exceeds expectations in energy efficiency, heating power, longevity and trouble-free operation.  Through industry-leading equipment and quality installation, Brex Arlington will not only meet your requirements but also surpass them.

You don’t have to live with cold spots in your home, overly dry air or ridiculously high utility bills.  Today’s furnaces have made great strides in efficiency, humidity control and heating power.  By replacing your furnace with a modern, high-efficiency gas furnace, you can save around $17 for every $100 you spend on fuel.


Brex Arlington endorses products based on our extensive experience and makes recommendations specific for your situation and best interest.   Our understanding of equipment capacity enables us to match the right product with your specific needs.  That starts with making sure the heating system we install is properly sized for your home.  One that’s too small will strain and not adequately heat.  One that’s too large won’t maximize efficiency.  Improperly sized heating equipment costs far more to operate, requires more frequent repairs and simply won’t last as long.  Correctly sized furnaces comply with energy codes, are appropriate for existing ductwork and keep homeowners comfortable and happy.

Improper installation can potentially reduce system efficiency by up to 30%, costing more to operate and shortening the system’s life.  Many contractors take shortcuts so they can charge homeowners less, get the job done quickly and move on to another job.  At Brex Arlington, we don’t sacrifice quality to bring you the fairest prices.  Our NATE-certified technicians take the extra steps that ensure safe, reliable and efficient operation of your new heating system.

Heating Installation, Done Right.

A gas furnace manufactured in the early 70’s typically offers an AFUE of around 65%.  The lowest efficiency currently allowed by law for new furnaces is 78%.  The Carrier Infinity Series Gas Furnace offers up to 98.5% AFUE and is ENERGY STAR rated in every available size. Variable-speed blower technology, fully sealed and insulated blower cabinet, and a unique, modulating gas valve result in extraordinarily quiet operation. When managed by the Infinity Control, it allows it to literally adapt its output to the needs of the home. With tiny, 1% adjustments between 40% and 100% capacity, it gives the home only the amount of heat needed.

Carrier Factory Authorized Furnace Installation!

Recognized as a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Brex Arlington installs the most innovative and durable options on the market today.  Carrier heating systems generate warmth throughout your home, while keeping utility bills under control during those long winter months.  Efficient, quiet and durable, these powerful furnaces live up to the Carrier name very day.  They also come with outstanding warranties.

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