HumidifiersTo maintain the health and comfort of your family, your home needs to stay properly hydrated.  Air that is overly dry soaks up moisture from everything it touches.  Through the use of a convenient and quiet humidifier, you’ll keep your home cleaner, healthier and save money in heating costs.  Call Brex Arlington to discuss cost-effective options for improving your family’s comfort and indoor air quality.

Benefits of Humidifiers?

Furnace treated air can drop humidity levels to 10% or less.  According to the Mayo Clinic, ideal humidity levels should fall somewhere between 30 to 50%.  Humidity refers to the amount of atmospheric water vapor, and when levels are controlled, you’ll feel warmer.  Through the use of a humidifier, the body’s natural cooling mechanism is slowed down, so you’ll feel comfortable at lower temperatures, saving money on heating costs.

Humidifiers add desired moisture to the air and serve as a preventative measure, limiting viruses and bacteria that thrive in dry air.  They are extremely helpful for people with cold, flu or allergies.  People who suffer from asthma find that humidifiers help their breathing.  Low humidity levels aggravate symptoms of eczema, psoriasis and thyroid disorders, and tend to cause bloody noses, chapped lips and itchy, watery nose, throat and eyes.

Do you need a Humidifier?

Have you ever gotten a shock from the carpet?  Is it much more likely during winter months, when your furnace is running?  That’s a sign of inadequate humidity.  Proper moisture in the air soothes irritation in the nose, nasal passages, sinuses, mouth, throat and eyes.  Humidifiers also help skin stay hydrated and supple.  Skin can’t retain moisture in cold, dry air.  When it gets overly dry, particularly in winter, the moisture on your skin evaporates into the air.    State-of-the art humidifiers infuse the air with moisture, soothing dried out, cracked skin.

The days of the clunky, wheezing, ugly humidifiers are long gone.  With rising concern over the numerous health issues associated with indoor air quality, the HVAC industry has answered demand with advancements in technology and design.  These models are quiet, efficient, sleek-looking and convenient to install. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Brex Arlington provides unmatched solutions to air quality and home temperature control.

Carrier Brand Humidifiers

Carrier Humidifiers allow you to enjoy the air you breathe by optimizing humidity levels.  By introducing moisture into the air, Carrier humidifiers save on energy costs, reduce static electricity, safeguard wood furniture, as well as improve indoor air quality and lessen health concerns.  When you choose a Carrier HVAC product, you’re getting the absolute best value for your investment.  Meticulous engineering, innovative technology and solid construction, distinguish Carrier as the leading name in the industry.

Steam output humidifiers are an ideal solution for larger homes or when you want precise control over humidity.  The Carrier humidifier flows water between electrodes to generate steam that is then dispersed into ductwork by a patented dispersion tube.  Featuring easy to replace steam canister, nearly silent operation and attractive, durable cabinet, this steam humidifier can be mounted on indoor unit, duct or wall.

Carrier Performance Fan-Powered humidifiers are designed to quietly direct moisture into your ductwork and spread comforting humidity throughout your home.  Treated aluminum, easy to change water panel, ensures convenient performance.  This quiet, attractive, fan-powered humidifier is an ideal solution for heat pump application.

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